Sublimation Sample

Heat transfer

One of the highest resolution printing available for printers. This process will print using a professional digital photo printer and print on heat transfer paper that can then be transferred on to garments using the heat press.

Screen Printing 

For large group orders, Screen printing is a wonderful option. The process ​consists of separating colors to set up for screens, making screens, and printing. Although group pricing brings down the cost, the process takes longer to set up. We usually prefer at least 2 weeks for orders to be completed. Rush orders are possible for an additional fee. 

Heat transfer Sample
Screen Print Sample
Embroidery Sample
Vinyl Sample


For simple designs, this process will turn out wonderful work. We would not recommend this process for detailed designs. This process also needs to be professionally digitized before printing.

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For simpler designs, this process will turn out excellent. The designs tend to be clean and crisp due to the vinyl material being cut by a CNC machine. Great for quick turnarounds.

Direct to Garment Sample

Direct to Garment

One of the quicker processes in the printing business. This is a better option for designs with multiple colors. A digital printer will print directly on to the garments. One of the other benefits of this process is that it won’t have a thick feel to it as it would in screen printing or heat transfer.


An excellent printing process exclusive for light colored polyester material. This process also uses the transfer process that prints on material that will later be transferred via a heat press.